Endocrine disruption screening method using zebrafish vertebrate model

SETAC Europe & SOT 2020

Expanding the zebrafish developmental toxicity assessment with skeletal staining

NC3R’s SouthWest

TeratoDB: a hand-curated dataset to test machine learning approaches in teratogenicity research

ETS 2019

Short and Long-term behavioural effects following embryonic exposure to environmental pollutants

SPS 2019

Development of a Zebrafish Larvae-Screening to identify compounds with Immunotoxicity and Anti-inflammatory activity

Eurotox 2019

Endocrine Disruptors Screening Analyzing Zebrafish Sperm Quality

SETAC Europe 2019

Thyroid Disruption Screening Method Using Zebrafish Vertebrate Model

SETAC Europe 2019

Development of a Zebrafish Larvae-Screening Assay to Identify Compounds with Immunotoxicity and Anti-inflammatory Activity

SOT 2019

Assesment of neurotoxic potential of 90 blinded compounds using zebrafish embryos

ACT 2018

Developmental toxicity assesment of thalidomide and its derivatives lenalidomide and pomalidomide on zebrafish embryos


Novel computational tools based on bioinformatic and chemoinformatic data to complement zebrafish embryo teratogenicity test

TSM 2018

Microplate Alga Growth-Inhibition Bioassay

SETAC 2018

Deciphering histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) interaction with human Tau using zebrafish


Zebrafish and Medaka as Alternative Models for Developmental Toxicity Assessment of Chemicals (Including Behavior as an End Point)

SOT 2018

Novel Methodology to Detect Genotoxicity in Zebrafish Larvae

SOT 2018

In-silico platform based on bioinformatic and chemoinformatic data to complement zebrafish embyo teratogenicity


Characterization of zebrafish circadian rhythm

European zebrafish meeting 2017

Analysis of the relationship between effects in the locomotor activity and morphological alterations induced by biocides in zebrafish embryos


Toxicity profiling using a battery of assays in zebrafish embryos including teratogenicity, behavior, cardiotoxicity, ototoxicity and hepatotoxicity

SOT 2017

Evaluating the effects in the locomotor activity and morphological alterations induced by different types of biocides

SOT 2017

Testing toxicity of graphene oxide in zebrafish embryos


An inter-laboratory validation of the zebrafish embryo assay for the detection of developmental toxicity

ETS 2016

Toxicity profiling of flame retardants in zebrafish embryos using a batery of assays for teratogenicity, behavior, cardiotoxicity and hepatotoxicity

SETAC Europe 2016

Standarized lightdark preference test for anxiety and stress research using zebrafish larvae

Measuring Behaviour 2016

Assesing cardiotoxicity in zebrafish embryos

SPS 2015

Setting up the process for testing developmental toxicity in zebrafish for petrochemical products

ETS 2014

Screening of Compounds that Alter Sleep-wake State in Zebrafish

European Zebrafish Meeting 2014